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nelly oyagi 18/12/19 General Housing Topics

I have a four my own bedroom property in Milton Keynes which am looking to start a supported living accommodation for over 16 or learning difficulties. I am a mental health nurse with over 10 years of experience however I have no idea of how to go about setting up the service. where to start or who to contact as first point of contact. any help will be highly appreciated.

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Simon Temple 19/12/19


Speak to Milton Keynes commissioning children services.

Thanks darren

Old forum user 19/12/19

That is a great idea, I know Milton Keynes very well having previously been homeless and housed there many years ago. I have however been following what is happening across the UK regards to Homelessness. I would suggest. Creating and maintaining a very close relationship with local organisations including the council if you can, that way people can get the right support quickly and ideally smoothly.

Old forum user 20/12/19

Hi Nelly,

You don’t contact the council direct. You register on the council Website Portal. You can contact other organisations that match with your service users’ needs.

There are several steps you must put in place.

1.Policies & Procedures reflecting the 16+ Care Leavers Service and lots other documents, Young person Handbook, Pathway Plan, Service User Guide, Statement of Function & different Forms such as reports and Incident forms etc

2.Property Compliant. Your property must meet the local authority’s requirement. Gas & Fire Alarm & Electric Safety checks which you would obtain Certificates and also CCTV etc.

3.Ideally to have an outside Area preferably should the service users smoke because they must not smoke in the property due to fire safety risks?

4.Recruitment employing the right qualified staff

5.Rental when the care leaver reach 18 years of age, You’ll need to work out breakdown of rent, service charges such as gas, electric, water, Utilities bills, assist with housing benefit and welfare benefit.

6.Understanding the Pen Picture of the service user profile and work out the cost of hourly, weekly and night awake costs or any other extra help that are needed such as 1.1 Care and support.

7.Flexibility is a plus and you must have the care business acumen. The ability to have good judgement and make quick decisions.

8.Financial Viability to keep the business going.

9. If you have your own property you must understand the "Real Tenancy Test"

I hope this helps

nelly oyagi 22/12/19

thank you Marie and Richie for your responses they are very helpful and good information that I wasn't aware of.

Marie St-Mart 06/01/20

Hi Nelly,

Happy New Year!

You're welcome.