has anyone any experience of bariatric design in extre care housing ?

Angie Skipper 21/01/20 General Housing Topics

Has anyone any experience of design for bariatric tenants, either purpose built or retrospective adaptations, ideally in extracare if not in independent accommodation.

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Sonia Rosenfelder 30/01/20

Hi Angie, yes, I'm a Housing Occupational Therapist and have had some involvement with designing for bariatric clients.
What exactly do you need to know?
There are no national guidelines and so my research was mainly focussed on design standards for US medical facilities.
Sadly, sooner or later there will be a need for a care environment for many bariatric clients/tenants so it makes sense to take this is a guidance.
Issues we experience are: access to properties as door widths for wheelchair properties are often not enough, problems with any properties above the ground floor due to combined client weight, family members (often also bariatric), equipment, dynamic loading etc.
Bathroom-a whole chapter in itself.
Please let me know what info you are looking for and I can give you some more pointers.