Supported living using a private landlord

Helen Reed 12/01/18 General Housing Topics

Hi is it possible to set up supported living using a private land lord. I have a client base ready to go and a very flexible private landlord with ground floor properties ideal for supported living.

I currently have a support service for those with Ld and complex needs in their own homes and it is a limited company.

Is there away my business can lease the properties from the land lord? Or does it have to be directly through the landlord? As I feel there would be more flexibility to the client if the rent would be through me but not sure if that can be done? Any advice on this area would be greatfully received.

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Leslie Kirkham 15/01/18

Hi Helen
Unless the landlord is a charity or not for profit organisation then he would only be eligible to claim LHA rates if your clients were to become his tenants.
Better that you lease the property from the landlord, that way you can claim "exempt supported accommodation status" under the old scheme rules whereby you can recover the full rent that the landlord is charging you, plus your on costs for providing the housing service, all recoverable from Housing Benefit as you are supplying both the accommodation and the care you are a Tier One "exempt provider".
The cost of providing the care is met from social services or NHS budgets.

Angela Pegg 17/01/18

Please contact me. Angela 07713 477532

Fungai Charuma 07/02/18

I also am looking to use a landlord as I don’t own a property. I would appreciate and help/ advice on how to go about this?

Leslie Kirkham 08/02/18

Hi Helen
You need to set up a not for profit limited company which will then lease properties from your landlords and will claim the full array of housing benefits including the full cost of rent. Your existing company will supply, and be paid for, the care and support element. An appropriate Service Level Agreement will need to be drawn up between the two companies.

Mohammed Furreedan 08/02/18

do i understand correctly that one is better off setting up a company to which you can rent your property for pursuing your supported living centre.
thank you

David Whittock 08/02/18

Hello Helen

I'm happy to have a discussion with you, where about are you based in the UK ?

Fungai Charuma 08/02/18

What can we include in the tenancy agreement in terms of what we should expect from a landlord.

Mohammed Furreedan 09/02/18

Hi David
Thk for your courteous response and I am based in REDBRIDGE but the intended property is based in Woodgreen. London N22.However I can be reached on 07855331494 if u wish to speak to me for an appointment
Thk Yu

Helen Reed 09/02/18

Hi I'm based in Herefordshire, thank you all for your feed back

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sam Cane 12/02/18

Directed at Leslie.
Please can you provide clarification on this point you make above
"plus your on costs for providing the housing service, all recoverable from Housing Benefit as you are supplying both the accommodation and the care you are a Tier One "exempt provider".

I have been asked by the local council to provide a breakdown of the costs for support, but i dont know what to put in there.
Any help will be much appreciated.

Leslie Kirkham 12/02/18

Hi Sam
Please contact me at [log in to view email address]

Mohammed Furreedan 13/02/18

Hi Sirs
It appears no one responded to my queries Sofar
Awaiting a feed back which would be most appreciated
Kind regards
Mohammed Furreedan 07855331494

PJ Akins 14/02/18

To: Leslie Kirkham

Could I please contact you as well, I find your comment liberating and would just benefit from speaking to you to put across any related queries to do with setting up a supported accommodation.

Please confirm at your earliest if its alright to email you in the first instance.


Mark Pattison 17/03/18


Qualified RMN here who has a registered company with CQC. I’m looking to further expand the business via providing accommodation. I’m looking for advice, partnership, ideas from anyone connected to the Bedfordshire area.

Any support greatly appreciated.

Best wishes


Ndaba Ndlovu 02/04/18

Hi Mark

can I have a chat with you please? I'm interested in what you do

Leslie Kirkham 05/04/18

Hi Mark
We are Milton Keynes based but operate out of County, so to speak. Please contact me with your contact details in order for me to have a discussion with you regarding supported accommodation.