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Michelle Halewood 28/06/18 General Housing Topics

I need advice on setting up a three bed house as an unregulated placement for one difficult to place young person 16-18. I need advice on how LAs will know of my existence and advice on the type of mortgage. The house is a regular buy-to-let mortgage at the moment. Anyone done this successfully before. I have a youth and community, teaching, therapy background and have a Social Worker on board as well.

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Marie St-Mart 08/07/18

Hi Michelle,

You would get in touch with your Local Authority's Supported Living Scheme department and ask about their unregulated placement for the group you want to work with. Also please note that you will need to know the relevant guidance and regulations, policies and procedures to put in place.

The mortgage depend on your budget and your understanding of market rents in your area which one of the question your local authority will ask how you will work out your market rents? Local authority is all about value for money.