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Elsie Phiri 02/12/20 General Housing Topics

Can someone please help, we are in the process of buying a house which we want to use for supported living purposes that is renting it out to people we are providing care to. Can we use the buy to let mortgage or it has to be a commercial one. Anyone in this line of business please help. Thank you

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Paul Nyatsuro 02/12/20

What kind of supported accommodation are you thinking of, Aduts or young people. Each has different rules and regulations you need to comply with

Elsie Phiri 02/12/20

Thank you Paul for your response, much appreciated. We provide support to Adults.

Paul Nyatsuro 02/12/20

Adult supported accomodation can be provided in the normal houses in the community. The whole idea of suppported living is to integrate people into their communities and enable them partake in community contributions at whatever level.

Goodluck Elsie!