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Kane Roberts-Doyle 04/12/20 General Housing Topics


We are in the process of looking at our support service across our 10 Sheltered Housing sites. I just wanted to know what others do in terms of support? What is your offer of support? What tools do you use to capture and monitor progress of those being supported etc? Do you do support plans for each tenant if so, how are they reviewed? Are daily welfare/box calls completed to those would want them?

Many Thanks in advance.

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Hash Chamchoun 07/12/20

If it helps, here's a summary of our sheltered housing officers core Enhanced Housing Management (EHM) activities and responsibilities:
a.Supporting the void management process in sheltered housing by reporting any imminent voids to the relevant officers and departments.
b.Carrying out viewings and scheme inductions for new residents.
c.Providing resettlement support for new sheltered housing residents.
d.Carrying out regular planned needs and risk assessments, PCRAs, support planning, and reviews for each sheltered housing resident at least once a year.
e.Agreeing and providing residents with planned welfare checks/contact.
f.Carrying planned 6 monthly flat safety checks in April and October of each year with every resident.
g.Utilising both planned and informal contact opportunities to establish and support residents’ safety and well-being, and to identify any repairs or other support needs that need attention.
h.Assisting residents with emergencies affecting their safety, health or home – and arranging the appropriate emergency services (e.g. ambulance, police, fire, GPs etc.) where required.
i.Reporting, chasing and escalating any identified repairs in residents’ homes or affecting the scheme – and keeping residents (and their advocates where appropriate) informed.
j.Reporting, chasing and escalating any identified support needs or safeguarding issues with the appropriate agencies or support services– and keeping residents (and their advocates where appropriate) informed.
k.Carrying out daily scheme walkabouts to engage with residents and identify any building faults, repairs, security issues.
l.Providing concierge type services to monitor visitors to the scheme, and provide general health, safety, security and orientation for residents, contractors and any agencies that use the scheme on a regular basis.
m.Carrying out weekly Fire Testing and reporting and monitoring progress of any identified repairs or faults from these tests.
n.Undertaking Scheme Quarterly Safety Checks with the residents designated health & safety representative and reporting and monitoring progress of any identified repairs or faults from these tests.
o.Working with residents, their advocates, colleagues, contractors and other support services to progress any outstanding repairs or referrals to a timely completion and – where required – to facilitate access.
p.Supporting residents to develop and maintain resident engagement opportunities – including regular Scheme Meetings and Newsletter.
q.Consistently working to and meeting the core service Key Performance Indicators.
r.Consistently working to the agreed standards for Scheme Administration and maintenance of the Scheme Electronic Folders.