Staffordshire's market position statement documentation

Jackie Averill 09/05/19 General Housing Topics

Staffordshire Market Position Statement Documentation

The Council is very pleased to announce publication of Staffordshire’s suite of new market position statements (MPS) documents.

The documents are designed to be easily accessible for providers to search by a specific market sector. As well as the summary and overview documents there are individual commissioning intention documents for the following service areas:
•Home care services
•Community equipment, assistive technology and adaptation services
•Care homes
•Extra care services
•Building based day care services
•Reablement services

These documents are additional to our existing MPS documents for all age disability and adults with functional mental health issues and information on key Public Health services. However, please note that the home care services and community equipment commissioning intentions documents include services for all adult groups.

We have also produced separate supply and demand evidence bases, which cover population demographics and care needs, home care, care homes, extra care and day care. These can be found via the market position statement intelligence page.

The above documents are now available on the Information for Providers website.

We welcome your feedback on the usefulness, accessibility and layout of our market position statements which you can share by emailing us at:
[log in to view email address].

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