Setting up supportive/assisted housing for elderly advice

chloe boardman 29/05/18 General Housing Topics

i have called social services, local council, government run homes, for advice and none of them seem to have a clue, so hopefully someone on here can help.

i am wanting to open my OWN supportive housing home.
i am wanting to buy the home myself and get elderly people with mental health problems living a good life there by providing two meals a day, laundry, support, tidy, clean, encouraging them to take medication. the house will have a shared living room,dinning room and a communal kitchen, but they will have there own private bedroom. They are independent to an extend, they are able to go out alone and to appointments alone, feed themselves and clean/dress themselves. no personal care will be needed. This will be run by myself and my other half.

the questions i have is -
1. What qualifications do i need to be a manager and carer?
2. What insurance do i need to run this?
3. Are inspections needed to check its ok for them? if so who inspects the home?
4. Who do i contact to get the people to the home ( a home finder) ?
5. Who is someone you can get advice from about this kind of supported living?
6. Do you have to be a housing organisation/association to run this or can you be a normal person with all the qualifications wanting to give them a better life?

I would be so thankful if someone could answer these questions as it seems like a lot of other people are seeking answers too.
if you want to talk in private them please leave your email and i will get back to you.

Thank you in advance.

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Marie St-Mart 08/07/18

Hi Chloe,

I'm surprised the local authority and social services don't have a clue about supported living. Most local authority have a supported living schemes department perhaps it depended on the questions you've asked. The local authority wouldn't help you to start a supported living business you would have to have everything in place before even contacting them. You would also have to fill in a supported living questionnaire.

I'm not sure the level of experience you have dealing with people with mental health if you are having to encourage the people to take their medications chances are they will need encouragement with most things including personal care.

Elderly people with mental health require a lot of assistance and should not be going out on their own. What age group of elderly people are you thinking to work with?

There's a lot involvement with regards to supported living such as guidance, regulations, policies and procedures with regards mental capacity regulations etc. I would say perhaps take up some courses of dealing with elderly with mental health and also familiarise yourself with supported living.

Clara Mashazhike 10/07/18

Hi Chloe

I’m in the process of setting up mine for adults 18-65 years old. I have been mostly communicating with CQC they assess all regulated activities even without personnel care and u definitely need policies and NVQ3,4 or 5 for management unless if u will be employing a registered manager.

Marie St-Mart 12/07/18

CQC only focuses on two regulated activities they are:

Nursing care and Personal care.

Chloe, you could also take a course "The Care Certificate" course it's made up of 15 minimum standards. Everyone who are "new to care" should take that course.

Alex Chigumira 13/07/18

Hello AllI am hearing alot of supporting advises and ideas from you all good people.I started Supported living three years ago but the problem I have is getting clients.The property was inspected and I am HMO; CQC registered.Whenever I contact the local authorities most of the people I talk to seem not have a clue when I ask about placement team or Careleavers.Social services will direct to different departments which I think they are responsible for placements. Most local authorities and Mental Health trust seem to struggling with where to place their clients whenever they are ready to live in the community but when I inquire I hardly get any referral or good answers.I have been asked by one local authority to register as Approved supplier and I did; but I have never been conduct even though I hear they are struggling to get their clients accommodated.Since I started I have only had one client.I am also registered on Placement Portal.
Does anyone have an understanding on how to get clients for Supported living?

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Karume Karuga 06/09/18

Hi Alex
Have you had any success now.