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Diptika Gill 22/11/19 General Housing Topics

Hi all
I am after some advice. I am looking at purchasing a property to support 16+yr old children, and need to know how I would go about this.

I have been working my entire life and am now at a point where I want to help and support others. I have 2 children so would love to foster but not an option as we don’t have any space, so when I heard of this I thought it could be the next best thing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Old forum user 29/11/19

Hi Diptika,

Supported Living is up and coming because that is how the local authorities are cutting budget in the Social care market. 1. Properties are provided by the service providers and also care support staff share the hours of care jobs. Before purchasing a property you will need to decide how many 16+ care leavers you want to provide your services to? Not knowing your regions some local authorities will require that you register for HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) like 3 bedrooms or 5 bedrooms that will have 3 or 5 unrelated people living in the property.

Your mortgage lender will also need to be made aware that you will be providing a "Supported Living" care business at the property.

The property will need to be compliant with your local authority expectations. The right documents must also be put in place and be complaint especially the policies and procedures must reflect the care leaves 16+. You will not need to register with any regulators such as Ofsted or the CQC therefore it's pretty straight forward as long as both the property and documents are compliant.

I hope this helps.

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