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Phoebe Chikuku 15/01/18 General Housing Topics

I am desperately looking for advice on how to set up supported living accommodation using private landord. Do I need to register first with CQC?. I have landlords willing to rent out their properties in Birmingham. I would very much appreciate any ideas you can possibly share with me.

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Pauline Mpofu 18/01/18

If you are not going to be providing personal care you don’t need to register with CQC. What sort of group are you looking at accommodating?

Phoebe Chikuku 19/01/18

Thank you Pauline for your response. The group I am thinking is, adults with mental health and learning difficulties. We may come across some who may need minimum help with personal care I am not sure as this is my first time to get involved in such a process.

Pauline Mpofu 21/01/18

Hie Phoebe
,I’d suggest you register with CQC as mental health and learning disabilities are considered as vulnerable persons and like you say you might come across personal care it’s best to be CQC regulated. Semi independent living for care leavers does not require CQC registration if you wish to go that route x

Phoebe Chikuku 21/01/18

Hi Pauline
Thank you for your advice, really helpful.

Abigail Houlden 21/01/18

Hello Phoebe
The attached link will take you to the CQC Guidance document. My advice would be to talk to your local CQC office about your individual scenario.
You might also consider speaking to local Housing Associations who may be willing to work with you to meet accommodation needs as well as private landlords. Housing Associations are regulated by the HCA( Homes and Communities Agency) and must meet decent homes standards whereas private landlords are currently unregulated.
The Government have recently published their response to a consulation regarding houses of multiple occupancy for private landlords too.
Hope this helps

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Phoebe Chikuku 22/01/18

Hello Steve
Thank you for your response, very helpful.

Pauline Mpofu 22/01/18

You are welcome Phoebe. Good luck on your endeavours. If you need a chat you can email me [log in to view email address]

Pauline Mpofu 22/01/18

Hello Steve

I’m in the process of setting up supported living accommodation for care leavers through a private landlord. Does my landlord need to speak with HCA? If so how do they contact the HCA?

PJ Akins 24/01/18

Dear Steve Sinnott,

I find your information really beneficial but wonder how one can contact Local Housing Associations and private landlords who are willing to meet the accommodation side of the supported living scheme.
I am considering setting up one and would like you to shed more light on this.

Kind Regards

Denise Colombari 26/01/18

Hi, I am in the East Yorkshire region and am also interested in how to get started in the realms of supported housing for young care leavers and/or young parents, any support, information and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Marcia Arnett 04/05/18

Hi, I have a four bed property in the Birmingham area and want to set up a 16+ semi independent accommodation. I would be very grateful Grateful for your help and advice about how to go about this, what qualification/experience do I need, how would I get the referrals, how much ciuldcI charge, basically any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Lucy Chahwanda 14/05/18

Hi, am in the north west area, and interested in starting up supported living for People with learning disabilities. Anyone who can help with advice , policies and information around dealing with housing associations. Thank you my contact email is below

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mob 07972938398

Abid Ali 20/05/18

Hi I am in the same position as Phoebe and would love some help, advice and guidance.
Where do I start?

Vimbai Butau 25/07/18


I am interested in starting up supported living for adult care leavers. Anyone who can help with advice , policies and information around dealing with housing associations. Thank you my contact email is below;
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