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Kat Russell 10/04/18 General Housing Topics

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area as a manager and Director of a supported housing company.

I want to set up alone though in East Midlands Area. However i do not have money to do this to pay a landlord and as I have not launched a company to date I have not spoken to other providers or the local authority.

I require any advice with:

1. What is the first thing I need to do?
2. What insurances do i need to have in place?
3. Has anyone done this with zero funds?
4. Should I approach the council before hand?
5. Is there any landlords willing to provide properties to help me get started?

I have a business plan already and have worked out basic costs, costs generated will differ on size of property.

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Abid Ali 20/05/18

Hi Kate

Have you managed to get any support on setting up?

chloe boardman 29/05/18

i need to know exactly what you need to know.
it would be greatly appreciated if someone could have the advice for us.

Bola Fatunwase 16/06/18

Hi. How far have you gone in putting all this together?

Which locations are you looking at?

Rashid Jama 18/06/18

I am seeking a similar information chloe, let me know if you come across anyone who wants to help out with information.


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Shiria Masaddar 21/06/18

I'm in the same boat .. new to this forum please do reply . Thanks

Shiria Masaddar 21/06/18

Hi I'm from Leicester came across this site by googling . I'm a professional speech therapist and a mum of adult with ASD and learning disabilities. I have my own property and thinking of starting a supported living as would like to accommodate my son. If anyone can advise me please do get in touch. Many thanks