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Juliet Duke 07/07/20 General Housing Topics

We have several retirement schemes which have flats and bungalows outside the scheme block but residents have access to the communal facilities within the block, eg, lounge kitchen and laundry. In this situation do the tenants living 'outside' the scheme pay the service charge and is it the same or a reduced rate?

We also have a number of bungalow and flat schemes with a stand-alone community centre where they pay no service charge. Do you levy a service charge for this type of scheme?

Any comments would be appreciated.

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joanne Chadwick 09/07/20

In answer to your first question yes the bungalows pay exactly the same service charge as the scheme flats. They are fully aware of the charges prior to sign up and it is their choice whether they utilise them but they can at any time

In relation to a community centre we don't service charge as it is for the community and not within the grounds but it is within the estate for everyone to use.

Hope that helps

Juliet Duke 09/07/20

Many thanks Joanne, that's useful. Our community centres are not generally open to all and have communal laundry facilities within them, so maybe slightly different to the ones you have.

Tracey Roberts 07/10/20

Hi Juliet
Sorry the late reply, in our sheltered housing schemes with disperesed flats and bungalows, our tenants pay a service charge, but it is at a reduced rate.

Do you have wi-fi in your retirement schemes, and if so, do you charge the tenants?

Thank you

Juliet Duke 08/10/20

Thanks Tracey, that's helpful to know. We are starting to install wi-fi in our complexes ( 15 complete out of 36) - due to the funding the council has acquired we are not currently charging for this - hope that helps.