Searching for penfriends for French High School student (intergenerational project)

Lola Rougé-Thomas 12/09/19 General Housing Topics

Dear Mr or Mrs,
I am an English Teacher in France and I am looking for elderly penfriends for my 15 years old students. Indeed, as part of the French curriculum ruled by the notion "the art of living together", we are studying intergenerational relations and all the positive consequences they can have on personal development and self-fulfillment. I'd like to ask my students to write a letter in which they'd describe what they are willing and capable to teach to an elder person, but also what they would like to learn from that person. Having real "penfriends" would definitely keep their motivation level up as I know for sure they are going to die for an answer.
Let me know if this project is conceivable and could be tempting for the residents of your nursing homes.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Best regards,
Lola Rougé-Thomas

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Susannah Millen 12/09/19

Hi. I edit a magazine called The Care Home Environment and would be happy to post a request on our website so that perhaps care home managers could contact you direct. Could you write something appropriate, which includes details of how to contact you? Our website is

Caroline Attwood FRSA 12/09/19

Hello. I would be happy to be included. Feel free to contact me on [log in to view email address]. I am 69 - so I probably qualify. I could perhaps brush up a little on my very ancient French. At one time I was quite fluent!

Caroline Attwood

Heidi Cox 19/09/19

Hello Lola,

I'm the Senior Housing Co-ordinator at an Extra Care Scheme and I have a resident who is interested in writing to the pupils. Do you have an email address so that she can contact you directly please ?

Kind regards


Lola Rougé-Thomas 19/09/19

Thank you both for your kind offers. Here's my email adress so that you can contact me directly : [log in to view email address].
Hoping to hear from the potential "pen pals" soon,
Kind regards,