Royal Mail deliveries during Coronavirus

Helen Shields 30/03/20 General Housing Topics

Anyone else had postmen(or women) refusing to walk round extra care schemes to deliver? - they seem to be treating us like care homes. So far we cannot get local manager to change this policy. I don't want my team to be responsible or take the risk of handling but tough on customers if their post is returned. Interesting to hear others experience? Thanks

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Danny Eason 01/04/20

Yes, likewise in our schemes where post is being left at reception to be distributed even though it is not a care home. I would interested to know if there are any ideas on how to resolve this?

Helen Shields 01/04/20

Hi Danny, since my first post the managers have spoken now with local Royal Mail manager and in all but one location they have agreed to reinstate the door to door deliveries.
Hope this helps

Danny Eason 01/04/20

That's good news. We have a mix of sheltered and extra care schemes so hopefully they will be as accepting of our request too.
Thank you

Helen Shields 01/04/20

Good luck - the key was stressing that we aren't a care home!

Roland McMorran 01/04/20

It's too late for this now, but if schemes didn't appear, feel and in general match nursing home design models, the post-person would not behave as if visiting one. It is a matter of designing functional fixedness out of such projects.

Gill Walton 01/04/20


We rang the manager at the local Post Office sorting office and explained that there may well be no one available to post the mail ( if staff are self isolating or ill), that technically it's illegal to leave it with someone else and that there's no reason why they can't post them through letterboxes like everywhere else as we are not a care home ( extra care schemes) The manager apologised and they are now delivering again..