Request for information about video conferencing in Sheltered Housing/Extra Care schemes

Tracey Roberts 07/10/20 General Housing Topics

I would like to find out whether anyone has installed a video conferencing facility into Sheltered Housing or Extra Care schemes, for the warden/scheme managers to contact tenants, and also for tenanst to contact other tenants within the scheme.

If so, I would like to find out who they have used.

Thank you

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Old forum user 08/10/20

It all depends who your tenants are do they know about video conferencing? Have they the capability to understand and knows what it's all about and what the video conferencing is for? You also need to be aware of Data Protection and privacy security of each tenant. Those video conferencing are used for corporate meetings. Staff will receive an email including a link for them to click on to join the meeting.

Video conferencing can be for person to person video or group chat up to 10 people in an online meeting chat. So yes you can have a video conferencing facility but you need to put a plan in place for the purpose you want to use it for. Please bear in mind each tenants will need internet facility for mobile phone and tablet or computer to enable them to install the conferencing software.

Hope this helps