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Valda Maw-Day 22/05/19 General Housing Topics

Can anyone advise me on how to gain referrals from local authorities for my semi independent living accommodation?

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Old forum user 23/05/19

Hi Valda Maw-Day,

Is your supported living accommodation as well as your documents compliant with your local authority?

A lot of new supported living start-up are being rejected by the local authorities for not being accommodation ready and compliant.


Valda Maw-Day 23/05/19

Hi Marie

My business is set up I have a property I am in the process of getting in touch with local authorities but wondered what the best way forward was.

Mary Anson 23/05/19

Some LAs require providers to submit an application to tender in order to be on their preferred provider list. And some of these contracts are for a defined period of time, e.g. 3 or 5 years. Check with your LA. People who win the tender will be those who fit their contract terms.
Hope this helps.

Old forum user 24/05/19

For new care start-ups I would say to avoid bidding for tender because the LAs would want to see that bidders has been running for at least 3 years and are financially viable, so bidding for Tender won't suit a newly registered care company. There are two ways to get referrals the Bidding Tender and the Placement Portals.

The Placements Portal is what new start-ups should aim for once they are fully compliant with their documents and accommodations requirements. On the Placements Portal you can take your pick steadily instead of having a large contract under the Tender Bidding that new start-ups may not be able to manage.

Tender Bidding is a duration of 3 years and are closed once all the bidders has been approved. Placements Portal are open all the times, they do not close, you won't need to wait for 3-5 years before you can bid for referrals. On Placements Portal you don't bid for referrals you just make yourself compliant with the LAs requirements for which every clients group you will provide your service to.


Valda Maw-Day 26/05/19

Hi Marie
Is there a universal placement portal or do you mean the placement team for each LA?

Valda Maw-Day 26/05/19

Hi Mary

If a tender is won, are they the new placement team? How do you find out who the placement teams are?

Old forum user 28/05/19

Hi Marie St-Mart

How do one go on placement portal.

Old forum user 28/05/19

Hi Valda Maw,

Most LAs has now join under the counties for example Birmingham falls under West Midlands. West Midlands have 13-14 LAs under them same for the Mersey, Kent, Essex and the London Counties. Each LA used to do their own Framework or Bidding for the Social Market but now they have join ranks with other LAs in their surrounding and boundaries areas because there is a shortage of Service Providers and a demand for both the Care Leavers and Adults social care market. Both Children homes and Adults Residential care homes are being shut down due to cuts and are passed on to Semi-Independent or Support Living Private Service Providers.

Old forum user 28/05/19

If Tender is won they are not the new placement team sometimes those who have bid alreeady would have the advantage to bid again and new bidders can also bid. Bidding usually last 3 years max.

Lourine Ncube 03/06/19

Hi all,

Does anyone have a link to the Placement Portal? Please help.

Kind Regards

Sandra Ndlovu 26/09/19

Sorry maybe this was answered, Does anyone have Placement portals links?