Pull Cord Testing

Kane Roberts-Doyle 29/01/21 General Housing Topics

We currently have a Tunstall pull cord system in our properties, where we test the pull cords every quarter to check they are working and connecting through to the monitoring centre. How often do other organisations test their pull cords or similar technology in individual properties? How do you also carry out the tests? Do you go into properties yourselves or put the responsibility to the tenants/residents?

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Sarah Crabb 29/01/21

Hi Kane
We test our pull cords every 6 months. Usually we go into the property to do it, but during Covid we've been asking residents, their NOK or carers to do it while we're onsite so that we can check they're doing it properly. We talk them through the process.

Hash Chamchoun 01/02/21

6 Monthly and in the property within covid guidelines/risk assessments because we also test fire detection, check condition of the property to identify/raise any repairs needed that residenst ay not be aware of or have previously reported, ensure named tenants/occupants only living at the property, visual check of how tenants are generally coping and if any additional support may be needed (especially for residents with whom their might be limited engagement during the regular planned welfare checks) etc.

Lisa Jowrey 12/02/21

Hi Kane. We test our pullcords every quarter. Staff normally go into tenants' homes to do this but during covid we are asking tenants who are able to to pull the cord themselves whilst the scheme manager monitors the outcome from outside the property. If a scheme manager does need to enter a property then PPE is worn.