Providing private housing and a care package

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I am an enabler and PC provider for 2 young ladies who would like to leave their family homes to share a home together. Local authority haven’t come up with any suitable options so I am purchasing (with my partner) a property for these girls to rent from us, and provide a 24hour care package for them. All parents are in full support. Any advice on legal matters would be very gratefully received.

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Hi Sam,

There's a lot at stake here and many to questions to ask and answered. Whilst those two young ladies are living in their family homes the legal status is different. Purchasing a property so that you can rent to those two young ladies turns you and your partner as landlords and providing 24 hour care turns you and your partner as care service providers.

First legality to consider your understanding that if those two young ladies do not wish for you and your partner to offer them care service what would you do and put in place?

Have you found out why the local authority haven't come up with any suitable options?

Do you understand the Health & social Care Act? The care Act? Do the young ladies require care and support that falls under the CQC "Regulated Activity"?

Do you understand the social rental market rates relates to that of the local authority?

Do you understand the Housing Law Act and under which Act you should follow?

Both Property and Care legalities you need to consider?

The two young ladies mental capacity and whether they have any learning disability which may require the MCA?

I hope this helps