On-site cover for your sheltered schemes

Hash Chamchoun 01/02/21 General Housing Topics

Our sheltered housing officers have fluctuated between 3 days on-site/2 days WFH and 4 days on-site/1day WFH during the pandemic.
What levels of on-site cover have others maintained at their schemes?

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Lisa Jowrey 12/02/21

We've been quite flexible with our scheme managers, more so now, as some have child care responsibilities. There's a mix of 3 days pw or 2 days pw scheme attendance.

Hash Chamchoun 15/02/21

Thanks Lisa. Has your reduced site presence generated any feedback/views - positive or negative - from residents?

Lisa Jowrey 01/03/21

Hi Hash. Our tenants have been very understanding and have been fine with the scheme managers being on site less. Tenants are able to contact the scheme managers by phone/text/whatsapp throughout the day. Scheme manages will also aim to plan their scheme attendance around tenants needs too, so all this helps to maintain tenants understanding.