Older people's housing in a flood zone?

Michael Gillie 22/03/21 General Housing Topics

Good morning all

We have a brownfield site that has potential for residential use, and it is in an extremely attractive riverside location. We have a strategic aim to develop more Extra Care housing.

The only problem is this site is in Flood Zone 3, and although the risk of flooding is actually less than 1% annually, the planning guidance explicitly says we must take into account the vulnerability of end users. We have a professional team on board and have been liaising with the Environment Agency.

Does anybody have any examples of Extra Care or other older people's housing that has been recently (e.g. last 20 years) developed in Flood Zone 3?

If so, can you share anything about design features that helped to overcome flood risk, or arrangements for evacuation and management in event of a flood?

We've also sent a similar query out through the Planning Advisory Service, so apologies if you've already seen that one!

Many thanks

Michael Gillie
Housing Regeneration Manager
Derby City Council