I want to set up a supported house in the Midlands area.

Deborah Marshall 28/11/18 General Housing Topics

I want to set up a project for women fleeing domestic violence, mental health difficulties, substance misuse, and women who have been trafficked. I would also like to set up to further projects for young homeless women and a project for men leaving prison.

I want to purchase a 3 bedroom house and can do this without financial backing (i.e. seeking a Landlord and consent). I have actually viewed a 3 bed house with 2 front rooms and 2 bathrooms. The first front room would be used as an office. There is room in the garden for a conservatory which I would use for group work, one to one therapy sessions, library and contact centre for supervised family visits. I am a registered a qualified social worker with a practice teaching award which would enable me to take a social work student from a local university in the west midlands areas. I may have a partner but if anyone is interested please reply. As we are trained social workers we would be able to offer a lot of in-house support which should save money. For the latter 2 projects I may rent 2 eight bed houses that have been adapted into flats.

My questions:
1. Do I have to register with any organisations such as QCC & HCPC?
2. Should I contact Women's Aid & Local Authorities to register my project so referrals can be sent to me?
3. Do you have any idea what the LA & Housing Benefit pay for each resident's stay which I will be proposing would be a minimum of a 12 week stay.
4. Who should I contact regarding renting houses and seeking consent?
5. Would I be eligible for government funding and charity funding from princes Trust for example?

Any help would be much appreciated. Debs