Housing with Care/Extra Care/Independent Living - Research for work based project

Tony Long 12/08/21 General Housing Topics

I am reaching out to you for some help. I am in the middle of a work based project, part of a Degree Apprenticeship I am undertaking. My chosen area of research is Independent Living/Housing with Care/Extra Care.

I am looking for data from other RP’s to review what performance has been and is like, in particular around occupancy levels pre and post pandemic. Below is a snap shot of how Saffron Housing Trust who I work for has been performing over the last 12 months for example. If you would be kind enough to share your own organisations performance in terms of occupancy for the last 2 years I would be so grateful. If you have any other performance data or ideas you think could be relevant please do get in touch.

Number of vacancies Vacancy % of extra care portfolio
March 2020 17 7.17%
September 2020 33 13.92%
January 2021 51 21.51%
April 2021 53 22.36%

All information provided will be completely confidential and will only be shared with Ashridge Executive Education for my submission, the information will not be published or shared any wider than Ashridge.

If you have any queries please do give me a call on 01508 502329 or email me at [log in to view email address] . I know you are all very busy but it would be so helpful if I could get some insight from other organisations.

Kind regards

Tony Long
Assistant Director - Housing Operations
Saffron Housing Trust