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Can someone advise if there is a difference between "Extra Care Housing" and "Housing with Care" please?

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Jerome Billeter 15/08/19

The term 'extra care' housing is used to describe developments that comprise self-contained homes with design features and support services available to enable self-care and independent living.

It comes in a huge variety of forms and may be described in different ways, for example:
'very sheltered housing'
'housing with care'
'retirement communities' or 'villages'

For a more detailed description of 'extra care housing', please consult the Housing LIN Factsheet No1 'Extra Care Housing: What is it?'

Also available is a video from the Housing LIN's 'Spotlight on Extra Care Housing' video series, entitled 'What is Extra Care Housing?'

Old forum user 15/08/19

Housing With Care schemes provide housing that is primarily designed for people age 55 plus who have both housing, support and care needs.

The amount of care will depend on what service user want the service provider to help them with.

The accommodation come in range of self-contained flat has a bedroom, living room, kitchen and shower or bathroom suite. On the ground floor of every housing with care there is a lounge with TV and chairs so that service users can watch tv if they wish and socialise with others.

Some housing with care schemes specialise in helping people with similar needs, for example schemes for people with learning disabilities, severe memory problems, or those with brain injury.

I hope this helps.

Jean Bray 15/08/19

Extra care should always facilitate and enable independence, any care/support delivered should be
encouraging people to do things themselves rather than in a care situation where tasks are done for them.
This makes care and support a more difficult task of hands off, which is more time consuming.