Getting clients for supported living accommodation

Sang Tamang 18/11/19 General Housing Topics


We have set up a supported living accommodation for young people aged between 16-25.
Everything is ready but it is really hard to approach the LA, as most of them are using the tender and there is no way we can get the tender as they asked for atleast 3 years experience . Is there any other way that we can get in touch with them and get a clients.

Thank you

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Marie St-Mart 19/11/19

Hi Sang,

In what way did you get in touch with your LA?

The LA have three ways of approaching them one for Tender the other through their Framework as well as registering via DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) they are similar to the Framework but you can register at anytime.

I don't know who is your LA? Not all the LAs have the DPS.

I hope this helps.

Sang Tamang 19/11/19

Hi,our LA are greenwich and lewisham but we are open to other LA as well. I have register with different portal for tender.

Can you elaborate more about framework please. As we are newly set up, I find it difficult to get the contract through tender.

And also if you have any experience on this, will you please help us providing more information.

Thank you

Fortunate Mugwagwa 25/11/19

Hi Everyone

We are in the same situation as Sang- see above post . We registered on the portal and we were told that they are not approving companies at the moment as it’s over subscribed . We are based in West Midlands ( Staffordshire, Warrickshire, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley , Birmingham , Coventry council portal ) . Now we are stuck as to how to move forward

We are in the process of applying for Sheffield Framework as they stated that they will consider out of area providers.

Is there any other way to get clients

Thank you in advance

Marie St-Mart 29/11/19

Hi Fortunate,

If you upload a 5 star documents which meet with the Local Authorities' requirements especially if it's to service those who are Category 4 and 5 care leavers you should get through. It also depends who you are approaching from the local authorities. You should not be stuck to move forward Supported Living is up and coming the local authority only hold 7% of the care market the rest are from other organisations and the communities. Most LAs including the West Midland source out and source in referrals at all the times especially with the category 4-5 care leavers because most needs to be re-located so that they can start afresh due to various issues they've had some since childhood.

Fortunate Mugwagwa 30/11/19

Hi Sang

To get alerts on what tenders are out on framework you need to register on procontract there is one out for Sheffield and they are considering providers who are out of the area

Mohammed Zulfiqar 04/12/19

Hi all,

I am a QSW who has worked for numerous LA's over the past 12 years inc managing social workers. I set up my supported business earlier this year and can confirm that to date, have had no clients. I have extensive experience in working with children and families and this includes newborn to leaving the care system at 25. I would just like to point that it is not as simple as having a home and offering a service but way beyond that. I have applied for numerous out of borough tenders and have been approved, however alot of LA's want their YP close to home. At this time the competition is very high and the demand for placements is not as high hence the west mids portal is not accepting any new clients.

I am here to speak with anyone who wants guidance, however would like to point that you should be prepared for a long wait. There are alot of things you will need to consider such as;

* policies procedures which includes policies for children, staff and general health and safety
* Locality risk assessments
* Insurances and home regulations i.e HMO, FRA, safety within the home
* Staff recruitment ect...

I would also like to point that each LA has differing requirements and Cat1 cat2 ect.... are a west mids thing and not across the board!

Wish you all success.