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Diane Rooney 24/09/18 General Housing Topics

Hi, could anyone possibly point me in the direction of a contact who would have a copy Extra care guest room letting agreement I could use for a new scheme we are developing?

Thank you

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Old forum user 24/09/18

It depends how you want the property to be occupied.

Diane Rooney 24/09/18

Hi, thanks for coming back on this.
We have a room with en suite bathroom for use by family members of tenants living in our extra care service who may want to stay over for a night or so. We need an agreement to manage this arrangement.

Old forum user 24/09/18

Is the property private? You need to be careful how you put the agreement in place because there are Regulations involve.

You can email me more information so that I can assist you.

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Diane Rooney 24/09/18

Hi, no its not private. If you have a sample doc that would be helpful. Thank you

Arthur Taks 24/09/18

You can adopt bed and breakfast agreement just tweek it to suit your needs basically you need them to use the room keep it clean and not damage things ...

Diane Rooney 24/09/18

Thank you

Old forum user 24/09/18

I'm afraid it's a lot more than keeping a room clean and damages. It's the night stay that matter here.

Arthur Taks 24/09/18

is it much different from the service you would get from bed and breakfast or hotel? the same contract im sure should cover basics and the difference will be the service will be cheaper to cover costs correct me if im wrong

quick search brings a few examples for b & b and serviced accommodation im sure you will find something there

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Old forum user 24/09/18

To write a Letting Agreement you must understand what is class as a guest the duration of stay and the type of letting it covers.

Diane Rooney 25/09/18

Thanks to all for responses, very helpful

Nicky Ellison 26/09/18

We operate our guest rooms in EC and retirement as resident facilities. Charges are agreed with residents and with their agreement access is opened up to residents on our other schemes. All income goes back into the service charge after costs for laundry etc. Booking is done direct with the estate manager and is a simple transaction with a financial audit trial. To allow for access out of hours a key safe is placed outside the guest room so that the code can be passed to the visitor and changed at frequent intervals. Our on call service is alerted to guest room usage so they know who is occupying the building in the event of an emergency. Hope that helps

Shannon Conway 28/09/18

Its my understanding that the occupier will be entering into a "licence" rather than an AST - you will find plenty of templates online.
Hope that helps.

Dan Monks 25/10/18

Hi Diane

Please email me at [log in to view email address]

I have a document that may assist you (if it's still required)

Diane Rooney 25/10/18

Thanks Dan, its sorted now 😊