Extra Care and Day Support Soft Market Testing - Swindon Borough Council

Damian Pocknell 06/07/17 General Housing Topics

Dear colleagues,

I just wanted to share the latest soft market testing from Swindon Borough Council who are seeking input from the market for the provision of care and support in Extra Care Housing and the provision of Day Support services.

This market assessment is not part of the procurement process, but is purely investigative in nature, to potentially assist the Council in defining a specification and contract for the services. In preparation for this, it is their intention to hold some ‘Soft Market Testing’ (Preliminary market consultations) Workshops to review the current supply market.

This advert relates to a proposed ‘soft market testing’ exercise only and is NOT a call for competition. Workshops to be held on 24th August.

Swindon Borough Council will be seeking to procure services to provide care and support to vulnerable older people living in four extra care housing schemes and deliver day support services via a Day Centre located on each site.

Contract start: 1st July 2018 to 1st May 2022

See the advert for details on how to register.

Kind regards,
Damian Pocknell

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