Denise Morrison 29/12/19 General Housing Topics

Hi there, I am in the process of setting up a 5 bed semi supported house for homeless adults in Buckinghamshire.

I have a nursing background, so have a rough idea of the documentation (policies & procedures) needed but can anyone assist or recommend a software package I can use?

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Alfonce Tanyanyiwa 30/12/19

I’m in the same situation as well ,if you find any useful information can you share please,I will do the same.

Old forum user 30/12/19

Hi Denise,

A Semi-Independent Supported House is to cater for Care leavers 16-18 years for young people not adults. I'm not sure if you are meaning the service users will only stay with you a length of time hence! the "Semi supported" you've mentioned?

Your nursing background would not cater for the relevant policies and procedures that you need to put on place. You're providing a home for homeless people there's a lot at stake and your understanding on how you will charge for rental differs to that of any private landlord. Whilst there are software out there they won't be sufficient enough to run your business they'll just be for Administration and Management and are not bespoke to what you are wanting to provide.

Old forum user 30/12/19

Hi Alfonce,

Starting and running a Supported Living is very complex bits of information will not be enough. You need to understand the procedures of the Health & Social care sector which relates to the service you want to provide there are many things to put in place including care costs that would be compliant to your local authority.

Denise Morrison 30/12/19

Hi Marie, thanks for your response.

What courses do you suggest we do and what core things do we need in order to operate as a housing provider?