Do I need cqc registration to start a supported living?

Barbara Phillips 09/12/20 General Housing Topics

Morning all,
Please I need advice;
1) Do I need to register with the cqc before I can start a supported living?
2) how can I introduce the new supported living to the local authority?

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Ruth Jennings 09/12/20

Hi Barbara. the need for registration would be whether you intend to carry out "regulated activities" within your supported housing offer which would fall under CQC regulation. CQC guidance is really helpful in identifying what activities are regulated. If you intend to provide regulated activities you will need to register before you can start to deliver services.

The question is what type of supported living do you want to provide? There are low level services that have Intensive Housing Management support to tenants which are claimable through Housing benefit as are concierge services. You would want to enter into some sort of referral pathway with the local authority even for this low level type of service. If you are looking at providing a 24 hour service which offered a higher level of supported living you would need to open conversations with the LA commissioning teams to ascertain whether they need this service and whether they have resources to support. Also it will depend on what type of contractual relationships they are commissioning. Open Tender or DPS frameworks for example. Hope this helps.

Nick Witan 09/12/20

Hi Barbara,
It all depends on what services you are providing, this will determine if you need to register with them. As far as I know of you will also be providing personal care then it is a yes.
LA wise it helps to have a contact there that you can speak to but am assuming that you would have to follow the process and bid for tenders to acquire the required contracts. This would require you to register on the portals and apply for the tenders etc.
Hope this helps,

Barbara Phillips 09/12/20

Thanks Ruth and Nick, I would like to start with no regulated activities involve with adult learning disabilities then later I can now register with the cqc. Also does anyone has a link or can refer where to obtain policies for supported living.

Ruth Jennings 10/12/20

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) are a good source of information and support regarding policy and training etc.

Bene Amin 11/12/20

2) how can I introduce the new supported living to the local authority?

Who do we talk to within the council?