Christmas in Sheltered Housing Schemes??

Georgia Rankin 27/11/20 General Housing Topics

Hi all,

I am one of the Activities Coordinators for 11 Sheltered Housing schemes.
Every year we usually put up Christmas trees and decorations etc. We also throw a Christmas party for each of the schemes.

As we can't have a normal Christmas this year I wanted to ask what others are doing instead and to get some ideas if you have any.

Are you still decorating, sending out cards, etc?

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Linda Lumsden 27/11/20


We are putting Christmas Tree's up in entrance foyers and in restaurants but not in communal lounges as they are remaining closed. Money that we would have spent on activities/music/parties etc we have spent on small hamper type gifts for everyone (puzzle books, chocolate, biscuits, craft activities such as bauble making or xmas wreath's). Boxes wrapped with wrapping paper to put everything in with a Christmas card so that everyone gets something.

People are still coming in and going out to do shopping etc so it's nice for them to still see a tree and hear some Christmas music.

We are also doing a Colourful Newsletter in the style of a Christmas Annual - with puzzles, short stories, poems etc.

Just trying to make the most of what could be a hard time for a lot of people this Christmas.

joanne Chadwick 30/11/20

Hi - some of our schemes are still actively in the Christmas Spirit albeit a different one. They have organised; Christmas fish and chip lunch door step delivery, bought new Christmas tree and decorations and lights from the social club funds, Christmas competitions and activities with prizes, Newsletter - we don't normally do one but needed to communicate the festivities, utilising the communication boards - at Halloween it was decorated, 11 November poppies and memorabilia and Christmas some positive messages as well as decorations. We are considering how we can manage the communal lounges in the 5 day break so 3 families can meet in there instead of their tiny flats - risk assessments and rotas galore. Hope this helps?