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Derrick Eubank 21/07/19 General Housing Topics

What should be considered when deciding the business structure for a new supported accommodation business?

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Old forum user 22/07/19

Understanding the core purpose of Adult Care and Support, Understanding Care Services and support offer, Skills and experience are important, Understanding what is supported living, the housing arrangements which will suit the service users, Service and quality standards, Staffing recruitment and retain, compliance with Specifications both policies and procedures and housing.

If you have no experience about supported living seek expert advice I cannot say that enough. Skills, experience being compliance is the key.

Hope this helps.

Amanda Mckeown 22/07/19

Maybe age ie I'm 42 and would like to go into extra care but their is nothing for my age

Old forum user 22/07/19


Are you meaning that you need extra care as a service user? And if you are going into extra care as a service provider age has got nothing to do with it.

Amanda Mckeown 22/07/19

I do and a lot of places are 55 and over in Liverpool