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Strategic Housing for Older People - SHOP

Welcome to our new Strategic Housing for Older People (SHOP) page. As recommended in the DCLG's March Housing Update opens new window, these Housing LIN resources cover the essential components of planning, designing and delivering housing that older people want, including extra care housing in England and Wales.

For further information on SHOP and a range of services we can offer, email us at

Endorsed by the Department of Health DH + Wales

SHOP Resource Pack

View our comprehensive pack and series of SHOP briefing papers. These will help you produce your Market Position Statement and set out how you wish to commission or procure specialist housing for older people for rent or sale. In association with ADASS.


Access our free online analysis tool to enable you to identify potential demand for different types of specialist housing for older people and model future range of housing and care provision in England and Wales.

Policy and Practice

Browse a selection of relevant national strategy and policy reports and examples of local practice that showcase different ways in which commissioners and providers are looking to develop housing for an ageing population.