What we found

The 2021 Technology for our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation (TAPPI) report introduced 10 key principles for implementing technology services designed to improve the lives of older people in housing and care settings. The second phase of TAPPI (TAPPI2) sought to embed and test these principles in innovative technology pilots run by housing and care organisations in six testbeds across the UK.

The six testbeds, operated by Wiltshire Council, Bield Housing and Care, Pobl Group, Platform Housing Group, London Borough of Haringey, and Southend Care, have each delivered a technology service guided by the original 10 TAPPI principles. This has enabled them to test the principles, to find out what works, and to share learning on what doesn’t, such that the revised TAPPI principles can be as effective as possible in guiding organisations looking to use technology to improve outcomes for their service-users.

The evaluation and shared learning partner for TAPPI2, the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research, completed the evaluation of the project, which key findings are summarised on these pages.