The revised TAPPI principles

N.B. In the definitions below, by ‘People and those in their circle of support’ we mean:


What you need before you start embedding technology in housing and care settings


As early as possible in the process, people and those in their circle of support should be involved as equal partners in the design, procurement and implementation of digital solutions.

Making sure that everyone is included, and no one is excluded from taking part.


Makes sure that devices and systems have a reliable, affordable, and secure internet connection and that there are back-ups or alternatives in place if connections fail.

This is to help create a supportive environment where people and those in their circle of support can stay connected to each other and their community.


What the tech service needs to be


Makes sure that people and those in their circle of support and different technologies can work together seamlessly in an accessible and hassle-free way.

Technologies should be able to adapt to people’s changing circumstances and be future proofed so they can flex with new technological or service developments.


Provides transparent value for money and enough choice to make it affordable for everyone.


Delivers a service that prevents problems developing and reinforces the independence of people and those in their circle of support.

Makes sure that any private data is kept safe, and safeguards are in place to protect people from internet scams, technology misuse or failure.


Provides accessible, ongoing training and support to help people and those in their circle of support to build and maintain their digital confidence and skills.

Makes sure that senior leaders are on board and that projects are supported by dedicated staff, with both technology know-how and people skills.