How we got there

Throughout the second phase of the TAPPI project we listened hard to everybody involved in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the original 10 TAPPI Principles.

The clear message from all partners, including the Co-production Champions’ group, was that the TAPPI principles could be revised to ensure that each principle is clear and easy to understand. We also needed less Principles in order to be more impactful. Some could be merged as they appeared to be similar enough.

Safety and privacy were identified as key concerns of many people using technologies, and should be incorporated into the TAPPI principles to adequately reflect these concerns, and to build safeguards against them into all technology enabled care services.

Whilst it was agreed by all that co-production should still be seen as a foundation of any technology project, it was also identified that good connectivity should also be added as a foundational Principle of any TEC project. Internet connectivity is needed for many types of technology to perform at full functionality and having reliable internet connections is a vital foundation for any TEC projects.

Following this evaluation, we held a workshop with a small committee of representatives from all TAPPI stakeholders and agreed the Co-produced and Connected Foundations, and set of Seamless, Affordable, Safe and Supported Principles should be the basis of any TEC project.

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