You can download the chat report here.

We closed our week-long virtual Summit with a session supported by Invisible Creations/ProCare Ltd and Johnnie Johnson Housing/Astraline on interventions to improve the existing quality of housing for older people. 

From refurbishments and upgrades to adaptations and use of technology, we learned more about the practical improvements and sustainable solutions that ensure that sheltered housing and other forms of independent living choices are genuine housing resources for older people.

We were pleased that Lord Best, chair of the current APPG on Housing and Care for Older People InquiryRegenerating Outdated Sheltered Housing, spoke on his Inquiry's emerging findings and shared his personal views on how and why sheltered housing needs to adapt to remain an appropriate housing choice in the 21st Century. 

We then ended the session with questions from the audience!

Event feedback:

  • Great to hear from presenters with so much experience in their respective fields - a really good learning platform.
  • Incredible, stimulating and highlighting the key importance of planning for housing and ageing.
  • Very informative and lots of reflection points to move forward.