Which platform will this virtual Summit be held on?

We will be using Zoom throughout the summit.

If your company doesn't allow you to use this platform, we advise you to use your personal device.

I have booked a place at the Summit and selected my preferred sessions. When will I receive my login details?

Zoom login details for each individual session will be shared with participants a couple of hours before the start of the session.

We ask that you do not share these details with anybody.

I have booked a place to attend this conference. How do I select / update / cancel the sessions I would like to attend?

All you need to do is:

  • Login as an existing user, using your email address and password at: https://www.housinglin.org.uk/login
  • Click on 'Event bookings'
  • Click on the relevant event i.e.: 'Housing LIN Virtual Summit 2023 - A Festival of Ideas'
  • At the bottom of the screen, click 'Modify your workshop bookings'
  • Tick the session(s) you'd like to attend. Or untick those you no longer wish to attend
A colleague has booked a place for me by proxy. How do I update my booking / select the session(s) I would like to attend?

The person who has placed the proxy booking on your behalf is responsible for making those changes.

Alternatively, you can email info@housinglin.org.uk and we will update your booking as soon as possible, but please note that this is likely to take longer due to the high level of enquiries we receive.

How can I use the ‘Questions and Comments’ function available under each session?

Delegates and speakers can post questions, ideas or thoughts before and after each of the Summit's sessions by using the ‘Questions and Comments’ function.

This discussion function allows all participants to communicate and interact with each other before, throughout and after the Summit. Its purpose is to engage different groups within the housing, health and social care sector. We hope this space will provide useful information that can help you learn more.

To use this function, simply:

  • Navigate to the session of your choice
  • Click on ‘Login for questions and comments’
  • Enteryour email address and password
  • Ask a question or leave a comment

N.B: all posts are moderated and will only appear once approved by our central team.