Going Digital

A digital agenda - Introduction

ADASS through the Association’s Housing Policy Network (HPN) believes there is a need to support Directors to better understand the art of the possible through available and emerging digital solutions when technology and housing are linked and the contribution that can be made to delivering their strategic plans including delivering financial efficiencies in their local care economies.

What Directors of Adult Social Care are increasing telling us is - we don’t know, what we don’t know when it comes to digital technology. Whilst they understand the basics, how do they take the digital agenda forward as part of service improvements or investment plans, especially making investment decisions about switching from analogue to digital systems by December 2025 to support their technology enabled care services?

The ADASS HPN, supported by Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN), has embarked upon a project that aims to answer

  • How can ADASS better inform its members about the connection between technology and at home care and support, whether in mainstream and/or specialist housing?
  • What are the benefits of investing in the right technological infrastructure into local commissioning strategies, integrated services, housing design and manufacturing, and procurement?

Following a successful workshop in September last year which aimed to develop a list of the right questions to ask and a dedicated focus group in March 2017 with leading experts from the key sectors, we have developed this online toolkit that answers questions related to policy, commissioning and technology.

The initial piece of work is focussed on adult social services but it will be of interest to a wider network across health, housing and social care. This is not just related to older people’s housing, but also includes wider housing needs, eg learning disabilities and those with a long term health condition.

We are hoping to keep adding links to signpost people to in order to keep it a live document and have ongoing work where gaps exist. Please do send your feedback and ideas to info@housinglin.org.uk

Compiled by:
Neil Revely, Co-Chair, ADASS Housing Policy Network
Jeremy Porteus, Director, Housing LIN