Debra is a very proud mother and grandmother of five children and eight grandchildren. She trained to be a midwife in her late thirties and was first introduced to technology during her training when she was diagnosed with dyslexia.  

Being a midwife was one of her greatest achievements. Debra spent a lot of her career working with vulnerable women and teenage parents. In 2012 she had to stop working due to being diagnosed with Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, becoming physically disabled and unable to continue practicing as a midwife.  

Debra moved into supported housing in 2020 where she was one of the youngest tenants and spent a lot of her time supporting older tenants who were not familiar with using technology.

Debra is very passionate about helping and supporting others, especially older and disabled people, and says there is nothing more rewarding than helping others to have a voice in the management of their lives.