Shared interests and goals that drive collaboration

Individuals living in a particular locality can start collaborating together where they are strongly motivated by shared interests about a local situation and a desire to achieve specific outcomes.  This is often about being able to exercise some control in their neighbourhood and have a voice in how plans are developed.

There is an example of residents who had bought leasehold retirement homes in a village deciding to purchase the freehold on a mutual basis by setting up a not for profit social enterprise to manage the whole village. The impetus for this arose because the freeholder went into liquidation and the alternative to mutual ownership would have been allowing another company to take control of the village.

Case Studies

In Haringey, local residents formed a Community Land Trust to campaign for the site of St Ann’s Hospital to be used for general needs housing but also to set aside accommodation that would meet the needs of older people and people with long term health needs.

Case Studies

“Community land trusts are an idea that has appealed to lots of different people as a way of taking control and getting things done.”

Beth Boorman from the National Community Land Trust Network