Nicola manages the Centre for Ageing Better's strategic partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and is based in the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub. Nicola works as part of the Ageing Hub to deliver the priorities of the Greater Manchester Age-Friendly Strategy and our strategic projects with Greater Manchester. This includes supporting our shared ambition for older people in Greater Manchester to enter later life in safe and accessible homes that support people to live independently.

In 2021 Nicola has worked with the Greater Manchester Housing, Planning and Ageing Group to produce the 'Framework for Creating Age-Friendly Homes' in Greater Manchester' and with Manchester School of Architecture on RightPlace, a study of realising the housing aspirations of those in mid and later life within their communities, due to be published in early 2022. Nicola has always worked to facilitate people to understand the systems they are operating in to create change. Nicola has worked in commissioning and transformational change in local authorities and as a freelance facilitator and executive coach with particular interests in supporting individuals and teams to operate at their best and tackling inequalities.