COVID-19 Hospital Discharge Service Requirements

COVID-19 Hospital Discharge cover

This document published by the NHS and the government states new hospital discharge service requirements for NHS Trusts, Community Interest Companies, Social Care staff and Private Healthcare Providers.

The document states that patients will continue to receive high quality care from acute and community hospitals - but won't be able to remain in a bed any longer than is necessary. It also highlights the responsibilities of discharge coordinators that organise practical issues like arranging transport and shopping arrangements for home living.

In the report there are required actions designated for:

  • Acute Care organisations and staff - including twice daily reviews of all patients in acute beds, and transfer off the ward into a discharge lounge within one hour of discharge decision
  • Councils and Adult Social Care services - including identifying an Executive Lead for the leadership and delivery of the Discharge to Assess model, and to ensure that there's robust tracking mechanisms to track care placements
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups - including compliance with NHS England and NHS Improvement financial controls, and arrangements for community health end of life teams to take responsibility for any "fast track patients" that need support and step-down accommodation