What can SHOP@ tell you?

SHOP@ is an analysis tool that predicts future housing and care needs of older people based on nationally accepted parameters and agreed data.

Endorsed by the Department of Health's Developing Care Markets for Quality and Choice programme, the tool offers the opportunity for local scenario-testing and priority-setting at county, unitary, district and borough level in England and Wales.

Subscribing to SHOP@ will enable you to assess:

  • How many older people are likely to require specialist housing or residential/nursing home places between now and 2030
  • The current supply of specialist housing locally and whether this figure suggests there is likely to be an under-supply or over-supply of specialist housing
  • The demand for specialist housing for older people in future by tenure type, and
  • For developers, where the gaps in the market are to prioritise capital investment and reduce the risk of development.

SHOP@ draws on published sources but also provides options for you to reflect local intelligence and input more detailed knowledge of your local market. You can then save your confidential results or export your findings.