1st Panel Debate - Meeting the housing aspirations of older people

Panel debate 1

Chaired by: Paula Broadbent, Retirement Solutions Director, Keepmoat

Panellists included:

  • Anna Dixon, CEO, the Centre for Better Ageing
  • Shirley Hall, Well-being and Community Manager, The ExtraCare Charitable Trust
  • Bernie Hickman, Managing Director of Individual Retirement Business, Legal & General
  • Holly Norman, The Strategy Group, NHS England
  • Jon Stevens, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, and
  • Tony Watts OBE. Chair, South West Forum on Ageing


The Panel Debate considered the following:

  • What needs to be done to stimulate innovation in the sector to deliver new aspirational housing for older people? What are the panel members doing in their own organisations?
  • How can forms of housing that are shaped and controlled by older people become part of an expanded range of main stream housing options?
  • In what ways can existing housing occupied by older people beQ+A1 reimagined and redesigned working with residents, carers and local communities? - Is this a direction panel members support and are actively promoting?
  • We are hearing more and more about closer integration between health and social care. What are the implications of the collaborative and participative approaches to health and care for the future provision of housing for older people? (as advocated in the NHS Five Year Plan and in the 2015 Care Act )
  • We are aware public spending on supported/specialist housing is under threat, resulting in many new developments being shelved and future development put at risk - how do panel members suggest we address this risk and accelerate development in line with demand?

  • And finally, the conference is all about People Powered Change, how can we best capture these ideas and help adaptive learning, professional development?