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  • Bringing care home: promoting independence through integrated workingResource - Added on 18/02/2014
    The way care and support is delivered at home makes a real difference to the ability of older people and those with complex needs to lead independent lives, whatever their housing setting. These short films, jointly commissioned with Skills for Care, powerfully demonstrate how housing, care and support staff in three different organisations skilfully work to respond to the needs and wishes of residents and clients to deliver tailored care and support across a range of homely environments.
  • Hana Mews: housing scheme with on-site support for people with long-term mental illnessResource - Added on 18/02/2014
    This film, made by the Housing Learning and Improvement Network and Skills for Care, looks at how adult care and housing can integrate their work. This video looks at how the onsite Family Mosaic team work with people with enduring mental health issues at Hana Mews in the London Borough of Hackney.
  • Mental Health DashboardResource - Added on 19/12/2013
    The Department of Health have published a 'dashboard' which rings together mental health outcomes data to show progress made against the objectives set out in their 2011 strategy, 'No health, without mental health'. It states that after a decline in the 2000's homelessness figures are starting to rise and that housing organisations, service commissioners and providers, have a key role in working with NHS organisations to provide integrated support for people with mental health problems.
  • Dorset County Council Mental Health Housing and Support Strategy for 2013 - 2016Resource - Added on 17/01/2013
    The purpose of this strategy is to set out how Dorset County Council in conjunction with its key partners and stakeholders can improve existing, and commission new or remodelled housing and support services to meet the health and social care needs of people with mental health problems. The Strategy will seek to prevent homelessness and enable people with mental health needs to live in settled accommodation and promote mental well-being, reduce discrimination and social exclusion.
  • Health and housing: worlds apart? - Housing care and support solutions to health challengesResource - Added on 01/01/2013
    This report by the National Housing Federation sets the policy context for joint work between housing and health, has case studies about the health impact of housing support and has detailed information and case studies about mental heath care pathways and housing initiatives.
  • No health without mental health: implementation frameworkResource - Added on 01/01/2013
    This framework includes a section highlighting what housing organisations can do to support people with mental health problems and housing needs. In particular, it states housing service commissioners and providers have a key role in improving mental health outcomes - providing both settled housing and the services people need to maintain their homes as independently as possible.
  • No Health without mental healthResource - Added on 01/01/2013
    Published in 2011, 'No health without mental health' is a cross-government strategy that sets a clear and compelling vision for improving mental health and wellbeing in England.
  • Board Assurance Prompt - supporting vulnerable adultsResource - Added on 08/11/2012
    This report from Housing LIN in partnership with Nigel Appleton of Contact Consulting and the GGI (Good Governance Institute) focuses on the role of assisted living technology in social housing for vulnerable adults, is the third and final Board Assurance Prompt (BAP) from the Housing LIN. It follows two previous BAPs (see links below), which examine the application of assisted living technologies in general needs and specialised housing for older people.
  • Supporting recovery in mental healthResource - Added on 24/06/2012
    This briefing by MHN paper outlines eight core features that need to be put in place if personal health budgets in the NHS and personal budgets in social care are to support recovery.
  • Mental health and homelessness: planning and delivering mental health services for homeless peopleResource - Added on 18/04/2012
    This briefing by NHS Confederation sets out the policy context around tackling homelessness and addressing the mental health needs of homeless people. It also examines what considerations need to be made when planning, designing and delivering mental health services for homeless people and highlights examples of good practice.