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  • Park Home Living - a good housing option for later life?Resource - Added on 21/10/2014
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint no 67 explores the appeal that park homes have for many people as they get older. Satisfied older buyers say a Park Home is a good way to downsize and they get more for their money than they would if they bought a bricks and mortar property.
  • What is the housing with care 'offer' and who is it for?Resource - Added on 01/10/2014
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint no 66, published to coincide with the International Day of Older Persons 2014, explores some of the findings from Adult Social Services Environments and Settings (ASSET), a research project that was funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research from February 2012 to April 2014. The project explored how adult social care services are commissioned and delivered in extra care housing and retirement villages.
  • Deprivation of Liberty in Supported HousingResource - Added on 03/08/2014
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint no 65 is intended to stimulate consideration and debate on two separate, but related issues:Firstly, with the new and revised and more encompassing definition of "deprivation of liberty" issued in a recent supreme court ruling, are there people living in supported housing (and other housing settings) who fall into that definition and for whom authorisation needs to be sought? What are the issues and implications for the housing sector and their residents? and Secondly, what would be the issues and implications of extending the 2 "Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards" to "supported living" settings as recommended by the House of Lords in the Mental Capacity Act post-legislative scrutiny report? .
  • Safe, warm, decent housing for older people - why it really mattersResource - Added on 26/07/2014
    Following the government's response to Lord Filkin's 'Ready for Ageing?' report, the national network of Older People's Housing Champions has been developing a manifesto to take to the political parties ahead of the 2015 General Election. This Housing LIN viewpoint no 64 Tony Watts, Chairman of the South West Forum on Ageing and the SW Housing Champion, highlights their contention that a 'joined up strategy' around older people's housing would deliver benefits to the public purse and the rest of society too.
  • Independent living - safe as houses?Resource - Added on 05/06/2014
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint No 63 draws attention to some of the current issues faced by both managers and front line workers when working with the Safeguarding Agenda and the Mental Capacity Act. It also looks at some thorny issues, like the importance of the ability of staff to communicate clearly, and the omnipresent cuts in training budgets.
  • Will the private extra care market take off in 2014?Resource - Added on 05/06/2014
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint No 61 looks at the prospects for the 'independent' sector rising to the housing and care challenge and making its mark this year. People are living longer lives - but how can they have a good quality of life, well into old age? One part of the answer to that question centres on the provision of housing and care choices that are appropriate to the wishes and needs of those people as they get older.
  • Getting off the ground: Bungalow living - an attractive alternative for downsizers?Resource - Added on 03/06/2014
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint No 62 looks at the viability of a revival of the bungalow as a desirable, affordable option which could attract older people to downsize from a family house. There is little choice for older people who want to make their last house move into a dwelling that is future proof.
  • Commissioning Sustainable Care & Support Services: A call for actionResource - Added on 11/03/2014
    In an opinion piece for Inside Housing last year, Brendan Sarsfield, CEO of Family Mosaic, called for reform of the way care and support services are commissioned. He highlighted that the 'Wacky Races' approach to winning new contracts drives down wages, destabilises services, crushes innovation and draws limited resources away from the real work with service users.
  • Senior momentum: What have the planners ever done for us?Resource - Added on 05/02/2014
    This Housing LIN viewpoint no 59 has been written to identify some of the ways in which themes being discussed and implemented through the planning system could hinder or help in the supply of suitable and sufficient housing for the elderly. Housing suitable for the elderly is wrapped up in the housing system seen as a whole.
  • How can local planning authorities engage better with the housing needs of an ageing society?Resource - Added on 05/02/2014
    Housing LIN viewpoint no 58 sets out how local authority planners can work within the reformed planning system to improve the amount and types of housing for older people. The potential gains of meeting the increasing demand for housing for older people are significant: good health for longer, lower costs to the public purse, more cohesive communities and a better functioning housing market, to name a few.