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  • Hatching a plan for older people's housingResource - Added on 05/05/2016
    Housing LIN Viewpoint no 78 - At a time when planning should be raising its game to meet the needs of an ageing society, the Government is progressing changes to legislation and funding for housing which will affect future approaches - for better or worse. However, the planning system and development plans should be an important mechanism for developing policies to meet older people's housing needs.
  • Meeting lifestyle aspirations of older consumersResource - Added on 01/03/2016
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint no 77 examines the urgent need for greater innovation in the UK's retirement and care sectors, and radical transformation of the housing options available for older people. If you listen to the media, old age is all doom and gloom.
  • Forget "downsizing", think "rightsizing" to meet older people's housing needs and aspirationsResource - Added on 28/01/2016
    In this Housing LIN Viewpoint no 76, Tony Watts writes that older people could make an important contribution to the housing crisis . .
  • Extra Care Housing: Top tips for commissionersResource - Added on 24/11/2015
    Housing LIN Viewpoint no 75 - After spending five years commissioning new extra care housing, Paul Smith (former extra care housing commissioner, Staffordshire County Council, and now Director at Foundations) writes that Staffordshire has gone from 7 to 20 schemes, with more on the way. This viewpoint reflects on what worked and offers a useful top ten tips for commissioning extra care housing at scale.
  • Bricks, Mortar and Policy Perspectives for Intergenerational LivingResource - Added on 25/08/2015
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint no 74 is based on research published in "Bricks and Mortar Across Generations: A Think Piece on Intergenerational Living in the United Kingdom" in March 2015, and presented before the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People in July 2015. In particular, it:reveals that increasing life-expectancy and rising house prices as key drivers behind the rise in intergenerational living and reveals that for the so-called 'boomerang generation' (younger people who return to live with parents) intergenerational living is showing signs of becoming normalised; no longer a sign of failing to live up to the dream of independent living, and explores the contours of policy and practice surrounding homes where two or more adult generations live under the same roof.
  • Continuing Care Neighbourhoods: neighbourhoods that continually careResource - Added on 11/06/2015
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint no 73 argues that all of our residential neighbourhoods and communities - urban, suburban and rural - need to be considered as 'continuing care neighbourhoods', which are intergenerational, age-friendly and provide a network of care and support, if we are to meet the needs and aspirations of older people and the socio-economic challenges of our ageing population.
  • Any the wiser? Deprivation of liberty in housingResource - Added on 30/05/2015
    In this new Housing LIN Viewpoint no 72, Sue Garwood shares her current understanding of the position with regard to depriving someone of their liberty in a housing setting if they lack the mental capacity to consent. It builds on Housing LIN Viewpoint 65, Deprivation of Liberty in Supported Housing outlining both the aspects which have become clearer and those which remain unclear or contentious.
  • Building in Inclusive Design: A modern housing perspectiveResource - Added on 12/02/2015
    In this Housing LIN Viewpoint no 71, Habinteg Chief Executive, Paul Gamble, restates the case for inclusive design in housing and the wider built environment. As the innovators behind the Lifetime Homes Standard and the Wheelchair Housing Design Guide, Habinteg has a rich history in implementing inclusive design in housing for over 40 years.
  • Building for the Generations: Lessons from the United States of AmericaResource - Added on 11/11/2014
    In this Housing LIN Viewpoint no 70, the author and editor of magazine of the Urban and Land Institute, reaffirms that the "silver tsunami" of ageing baby boomers is upon us and, rather than running for cover, housing developers in the United States are stepping up to meet the demands of the age-55-and-older housing market.
  • Tackling barriers to integration in health and social careResource - Added on 28/10/2014
    With the implementation of the Care Act from April 2015, this Housing LIN Viewpoint no 69 considers the issues and challenges facing local authorities tasked with securing greater integration of services and touches on the role housing could play in an emerging landscape of integrated care. The drivers for greater integration of health and social care are well-known: an increasing elderly population, higher demand for care - for example, because more people are living with long-term conditions like diabetes - the need to develop more responsive, patient-centred services, workforce pressures and reduced funding.