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  • Commissioning Sustainable Care & Support Services: A call for actionResource - Added on 11/03/2014
    In an opinion piece for Inside Housing last year, Brendan Sarsfield, CEO of Family Mosaic, called for reform of the way care and support services are commissioned. He highlighted that the 'Wacky Races' approach to winning new contracts drives down wages, destabilises services, crushes innovation and draws limited resources away from the real work with service users.
  • Senior momentum: What have the planners ever done for us?Resource - Added on 05/02/2014
    This Housing LIN viewpoint no 59 has been written to identify some of the ways in which themes being discussed and implemented through the planning system could hinder or help in the supply of suitable and sufficient housing for the elderly. Housing suitable for the elderly is wrapped up in the housing system seen as a whole.
  • How can local planning authorities engage better with the housing needs of an ageing society?Resource - Added on 05/02/2014
    Housing LIN viewpoint no 58 sets out how local authority planners can work within the reformed planning system to improve the amount and types of housing for older people. The potential gains of meeting the increasing demand for housing for older people are significant: good health for longer, lower costs to the public purse, more cohesive communities and a better functioning housing market, to name a few.
  • Adapting to the Challenges of an Ageing Population for Social HousingResource - Added on 21/01/2014
    Drawing on research by Heriot-Watt University, commissioned by the DCLG, Housing LIN Viewpoint no 57 makes that case for improving access to information on local accessible and adaptable accommodation to enhance the housing choices of older and disabled people. With the scarcity of accessible and adaptable housing and increasing pressures on capital budgets for aids and adaptation, it suggests that having a local Accessible Housing Register in place not only improves the allocation of suitable housing to those who need it but also can ensure more efficient use of stock by reducing the cost of adaptations in the first year after a move.
  • A changing housing market for providersResource - Added on 13/01/2014
    Packed with highly informative data and analysis, this Housing LIN Viewpoint no 56 shows that the market for housing providers is going through a traumatic time. It argues that major changes are needed in attitudes to ageing, employment and savings amongst other things.
  • Under one roof? Housing and public health in EnglandResource - Added on 10/12/2013
    Housing LIN Viewpoint no 55 - What is the case for housing as keystone of local public health strategies across England in next year? Following its move into local government, what is the state of play in linking the two sectors, and how can we strengthen such partnerships to improve health and wellbeing? With an increasing focus on integration, this viewpoint sets out to develop a rapid initial assessment of these questions, and highlights important issues facing housing and public health to stimulate further debate, drawing on the thoughts of leading commentators from both public health and housing sectors in order to shape healthy homes and communities.
  • Incentives for downsizing - oiling the wheels of the housing market system Resource - Added on 02/12/2013
    Housing LIN Viewpoint No 54 written by Bob Line - At a time when government is creating 'entry level' incentives to encourage people into homeownership under the 'Help to Buy scheme, should we also be looking at a range of incentives to help older people to downsize to free up much needed larger accommodation?Recent think tank papers and media interest have suggested that the lack of housing choice is a turn-off for older people looking to downsize. In this viewpoint, we look at how the housing market can gear itself up to assist "downsizers" and the types of financial instruments that could potentially incentivise timely moves.
  • Future perfect, designer labels for an ageing societyResource - Added on 02/12/2013
    This Housing LIN Viewpoint no 53 is the latest in a selection of resources that consider in detail the built environment and the physical design criteria that can meet the housing needs and lifestyle choices of older people. However, this thought-provoking viewpoint takes wider a look at designing for inclusion and, in particular, how by focussing on clever, accessible design, this too can accommodate the needs and aspirations of older people.
  • Food for thought: Catering in extra care housingResource - Added on 22/10/2013
    In this Housing LIN Viewpoint No 52, the author, a specialist in diet, nutrition and catering, outlines the importance of good quality food in the health and wellbeing of older people and how the housing and care industry needs to embrace the opportunity of expecting more from the catering than simply providing "fuel". The focus at mealtimes should be about creating an experience for guests and delicious quality food.
  • What is the Future of Supported Housing?Resource - Added on 21/10/2013
    In this Housing LIN Viewpoint no 51, the author considers the history of supported housing, where we are now and where we might go in the future. He argues that supported housing has provided an important service for vulnerable people in the community for a long time but always seems to be under a review of one kind or another and its future never seems to be clear and every opportunity seems to be uncertainty.